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Online Advertising

Paid Search and Google AdWords.

It’s no mystery that paid search and Google AdWords can (and should) be a part of any effective digital marketing approach, as about 90-percent of traffic over the web begins when somebody opens a search engine.

We are paid search experts and Google Partners who know just how to setup your PPC, Pay-Per-Click, campaigns and Google AdWords to optimize for the best results and reel in new and existing customers.

Types of Advertising

With so many creative ways to drive your business on the internet, there’s always an opportunity to appeal to a wider audience and we’ve got the tools to do it. PPC, Display Ads, Social Media Ads, and even Mobile Ads are all effective ways to reach more people. How can we help you? Our team strategizes and develops marketing campaigns that are built around your business and its goals – with a continued focus on measurable results and ROI.


How does PPC work? Pay-Per-Click ads involve bidding on keywords (search terms used by your customers), and if you win the bid your ads are placed higher. Google isn’t only focused on the highest bid; they also evaluate your campaigns to determine how relevant the targeted keywords and audience are and whether your landing pages are useful to your customers. Once these factors are considered, Google charges a set fee every time your ads are clicked on.

Mobile Ads

The bright and shiny screens of mobile phones are now the perfect place to display advertisements. Mobile Ads are now appearing on smartphones and tablets everywhere. Our team can help you tap into this market and get your business in front of people, no matter where they are on the go.

Display Ads

Looking for quick conversions? Display Ads can be just the right option. These ads appear as boxes on the top of web pages or in areas devoted to paid advertising. These can be text ads, but also interactive videos or images.

Social Media Ads

With social media quickly becoming a top contender as an advertising medium, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and even Instagram are channels that serve as ad venues. We offer campaign creation and management for each and every channel.

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Our Campaign Management Approach

We design a customized PPC campaign strategy for your company that is refined and perfected over time. We never employ cookie-cutter approaches and you always work with a senior PPC strategist. With a hands-on approach to handling all of our accounts, we provide cutting edge bid management, call tracking, and landing page testing technologies, so your Quality Score is higher and your cost per click (CPC) is lower. There is no “set it and forget it” approach in our office.


Paid Search Advertising

Complete Google AdWords setup, management, and optimization.

PPC Management

Complete PPC setup, management, and optimization.

Campaign Creation

In-depth keyword, advertising, and audience research for campaign creation.

Aggressive Bid Strategy

We design a bid strategy based on our clients’ goals that helps remain within a given budget.

Landing Page Optimization

Dedicated landing page designed and created for ad campaign, with notification emails to alert you of new leads.

Ad Copywriting

Content creation is out specialty – we provide ad copy that is both engaging and fitting to your brand.


With the help of digital tracking tools and our experts’ knowledge, we can help you remarket advertisement to past customers or potential customers.

A/B Testing

Monthly A/B testing to improve ROI.


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