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Your website is your business’ digital gateway. It must serve a measurable purpose. It must attract visitors, retain them, and convert them into customers, and this can only be achieved with a website crafted by web development experts at Hammockweb.

At Hammockweb, we design websites that help you achieve your business goals. Our web design and development experts use their creative instinct and advanced coding skills to design websites that are responsive, functional, user- and search-engine- friendly and offer cross-browser and multi-device compatibility.

Each website design project starts with an understanding of your business goals and target audience. The result is a stunning and customized web design that becomes the foundation of your business and helps you sell and make a profit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you want to build a website that truly reflects your business’ well-earned reputation? View our recently completed websites and contact us today to start building your online presence.


Web design company los angeles


Research ,   Collect ,   Understand ,   Analyze

We collect the requirements and details from all the stakeholders involved in the website development process. Then, we analyze and compare the market research results to create a revenue-focused solution. This is also a STRATEGIC phase for future planning/ consideration.

Key Players

Stakeholders/Customer,Program Manager, Marketing Team



Wireframes ,   Business Process ,  Flow Charts ,  Cases

During the development process, we create wireframes, use case scenarios, draft layout concepts, and design low- or high-fidelity prototypes. At this point, we are also writing the main content and marketing copy for the project.

Key players

Project manager(s),Design Team, Developers,User Experience Team

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Visual Design, Development, Programming, Testing

We work closely with the design, development, and content teams to create a revenue-focused brand experience. At this point in the website development process, we insert highly crafted brand messaging and content, and refine the Calls to Actions (CTA's).

Key players

Project manger,Web Designer,Developer,Content Team.


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Usability Testing, Launch, Optimization, Quality Assurance

This the official soft-launch of the website/application. During this REFINEMENT phase, we continue to look for areas that can be improved and react to customers’ experiences.

Key players

Project/Program Leads,Marketing Team,Stackholders/Customer

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